Times, they are a changin'
As my old Poppy would say, "Welcome aboard, 2008!"

With a new year, comes new designs. New designs equate retired designs. Unfortunately, 2008 means the (temporary) retirement of the Enso Alchemy Nugget Bracelet. It had a great run in 2007, but it's decided to take a break. Perhaps it will go back to college or take a trip around the world. I'll keep you posted on that one! *wink*

Don't be sad, because there's another, equally stylish nugget ready to fill the void... in this case, it's the Opal Nugget Bracelet. It features beautiful, super chunky, yellow opal nuggets paired with the rosewood prayer beads that you've grown to love. And it still smells fabulous. Enjoy!

yellow opal

The Jasper Safe Journeys Bracelet is also on a temporary hiatus, but don't worry... there are plenty of new things in store for 2008!

© 2007 Dusty Sabourin