Bracelets Galore!
I spent the past weekend catching up on business. Despite all the talk of an impending recession, my sales have been up so I decided it was time to buckle down and beef up my inventory. As promised, there are lots of new bracelets available in my Etsy shop as well as the return and revamp of some old favorites. Click the image to see notes at flickr!

bracelets gallore!

The new designs are already moving, but 6 new bracelets were added to the store today. Happy shopping~!
Newy Newness!
At long last, spring has sprung in the land of 27! Some of my new designs for 2008 have started to pop up in my shop on Etsy. Despite my announcement in February, the Enso Alchemy Bracelet lives on, but in a revamped style that features gorgeous unpolished nuggets. The Jasper Safe Journeys Bracelet will also be making a return in the coming weeks.


Some of the new designs also feature beautiful rough nuggets like the amazonite and apatite bracelets pictured above. Gorgeous and stylish, they have the perfect look for those that prefer a more organic simplicity.

Be sure to check out the new Moukaite Meditation Bracelet, as it's sure to be a favorite in the coming months! Originally designed to be a men's bracelet, it's just too awesome to save strictly for the guys. Expect smaller sizes to become available in the coming weeks.

Also pictured above are some striking red agate barrels that have been glazed in a cool giraffe-like pattern and finished with a top coat.

What can I say? They're lots of new stuff coming your way, so be sure to keep tabs on my store or check for updates here on the blog!
Times, they are a changin'
As my old Poppy would say, "Welcome aboard, 2008!"

With a new year, comes new designs. New designs equate retired designs. Unfortunately, 2008 means the (temporary) retirement of the Enso Alchemy Nugget Bracelet. It had a great run in 2007, but it's decided to take a break. Perhaps it will go back to college or take a trip around the world. I'll keep you posted on that one! *wink*

Don't be sad, because there's another, equally stylish nugget ready to fill the void... in this case, it's the Opal Nugget Bracelet. It features beautiful, super chunky, yellow opal nuggets paired with the rosewood prayer beads that you've grown to love. And it still smells fabulous. Enjoy!

yellow opal

The Jasper Safe Journeys Bracelet is also on a temporary hiatus, but don't worry... there are plenty of new things in store for 2008!
27things on Best Handmade Gifts Ever

27things on Best Handmade Gifts Ever
Writer, marketer, tinkerer, parent, knitter and human being, Sonia Simone, has created a new handmade gifts lens on Squidoo utilizing the Ever Project.

Best Handmade Gifts Ever not only features wonderful handmade gifts, including a spotlight on 27things, Sonia has also included some great tips on how to make the most of your own Squidoo Lens.

Check out my Squidoo Lens here!

PS, thanks for including me Sonia!
Ready. Set. Shop!
I've finally had the opportunity to stock my Etsy shop for the holidays! This year you have the choice to buy 27things on Etsy OR Mintd! Happy shopping!

Buy Handmade

It never fails. Every time I go out to shop for stones, I forget to bring along some wood. I love, love, love my rosewood beads but they have a slight green undertone to them, which means that some stone colors don't compliment them very well.

Fortunately, these yummy coral nuggets look fantastic when matched with the rosewood. I was a little reluctant to buy these but I just couldn't resist. Maybe it's because they remind me of cut up chunks of strawberry goodness.

Watch for the Coral Comfort Bracelet coming soon to my Etsy and Mintd stores.
Happy Day

i love nuggets!
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I can't tell you how happy I am to share that the ladies formerly of my favorite (and now defunct) bead shop have returned to Old Town Spring with a new shop!

I prefer to hand-pick my beads and strands, especially when it comes to stones that have color variations. It thrills me to no end to have a new local supplier. Here's to more Saturdays spent examining strands and contemplating new designs!

I plan on using some of the new beads to experiment with some variations on my rosewood line, but my purchases today will also be part of a new piece I'm making for myself.

Despite my silver smithing skills, I rarely make metal pieces. After making a necklace of silver chain and amazonite for a friend and "jewelry browsing" in some department stores, I got the urge. I never make pieces for myself, though sometimes, I adopt one-of-a-kind designs that are low on the retail interest scale.

While the beads pictured may be making some guest aprearances in my shop, some will be happily diverted to a project that is all about me!

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